Privacy Policy

In a nutshell, we do not collect any information from you. None!.

Yes but there is a case to be made for Cookies and the information that you submit when you comment on any of our posts etc.

Here it goes:

We do use Cookies, they are small files stored on your computer that tells us about your last visit when you visit us the next time.

To simplify, in order to personalize your experience and load the pages faster we use cookies to know which content you liked or showed interest in. Relax, it’s harmless.

When commenting you are required to put in your email address and Name, believe us if there were no spammers we would have never asked you to submit this information. Anyways any information that you give us is safe with us. We will never intentionally sell nor disclose it to anybody and if the worse happens like if we get hacked, well, in that case, we cannot guarantee anything. It’s up to you whether you submit that information or not.

Also, we may use Google Adsense in future be sure to check out their Privacy Policy as well.

Still continuing to this site, well it means that you agree to all these terms and will never hold us responsible in any case.

Stay safe stay blessed and let’s share knowledge.

If you have anything to say to us just go ahead and Contact Us.