Greenhouse Gases and Pollution

Greenhouse gases have been discharged in the atmosphere on daily basis activities and from several ways. They can absorb heat within the thermal infrared scope into the air out of the air and emit radiations. The increase in atmospheric temperature caused by the greenhouse gases is popularly known because of the greenhouse effect. Greenhouse gases are gases released by the means including methane, water vapor, carbon dioxide, nitric oxide, and ozone. Other gases released by the human activities are called as secondary greenhouse gases. The garden greenhouse gases whether primary or secondary hugely influence the temperature of the ground surface.

After the start of technological and industrial revolution in the modern environment, the status of global warming has become more intense due to the increasing amount of release of greenhouse gases due to the burning of fossil fuels, timber, coal, oil, natural gas, and so on; deforestation, rising atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide and a lot more reasons. Gases have changed the atmosphere including systems and ocean alterations. Such gases absorb in addition to emit infrared radiations.

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